Wednesday, 28 March 2012

all in a name

A brief explanation on the title of my blog seems a good way to start. After all, most names tend to be reflective of the contents of the blog and subsequently also its author- both probably being of interest to any reader.

I think blogs are by definition just a little egotistical. Considering that, it feels rather appropriate to name a blog after myself-ish. The root of my name is the Latin word 'amabilis' which, according to the worthy source that is wiki, means loveable or worthy of love. So, I have substituted that for my name and, in keeping with the Latin, stuck ‘ad esse’ on in order to get the title of my blog: to be me (love worthy!!). Thus this blog, not unexpectedly, shall be about me, my life, and a subject my life gyrates around: FOOD.

NB- I prefer the latter definition of my name. Lovability may be an intrinsic attribute, a quality of that person. However, to be deemed ‘worthy of love’ implies value!

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