Saturday, 14 April 2012

blueberry pasty

This is probably one of my favourite post yet; few things can beat the goodness of a lovely buttery, flaky pastry filled with bubbling fruit. For me, each mouthful conjures up images of toasty fireplaces, steaming cups of tea, and an overwhelming feeling that I am loved. Mmm... and so what if I derive so much pleasure from food?

I am not sure if there is a proper term for these. I had but one last boxful of blueberries, which was not quite sufficient for a pie so I opted for a pasty-like form instead. I used flaky pie dough rolled very thin (about 2mm), not only to ensure maximum crispiness, but also because there is so much pastry to filling. The last thing I wanted to do was stodge it down. The flaky pie dough recipe I used has been sitting in my recipe book this past decade and has, on every occasion, proven its worth (I can't quite recall the title of the book I found it in, but can easily recognise it if I saw it). There is a lot of butter in the dough, almost as much as in puff pastry. Thus it is incredibly finicky to make by hand and I tend to just whizz it up in a food processor then roll it out between clingfilm after resting it.

The blueberries were cooked (the same blueberry sauce used in the chocolate and blueberry genoise, though done drier) before being packed into approximately 7" discs of the flaky pie dough. Try not to mash the blueberries up too much while stewing them- if intact, they make a pleasant juicy pop in the mouth during the eating. Also, while it is nice to be generous, overfilling the pasties will inevitably lead to a majour berry spillage during the baking. It does help to press out all the air bubbles while forming the pasties, as does poking mini vent holes over its surface. I double egg-washed them to try get a lovely golden colour, and sprinkled granulated sugar over for crunch and some necessary sweetness.

I have been on quite a roll with my postings. However, this may be the last addition for some time. It shall be quite a busy coming week for me with extensive class timetabling at LCB, application datelines (plural!!!) to meet, and an interview to practise for. As Gluttony wailed as he was chomped in FMA: yada! >_<

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