Monday, 9 April 2012

ginger pear bakewell tart

To make this, I used a pate sucree lining filled with almond cream and slices of poached pears over the top, all from LCB's secret recipes. The pears were poached in cinnamon, lemon and ginger, for a mini fragrant kick, and left in the refridgerator overnight to dry out and firm up for easier slicing. I almost tipped some ground ginger into the pate sucree too but refrained as I wasn't sure if the heat would be a little much. As an extra little twist, I also spread a generous layer of marmalade over the sucree base before piping on the almond cream. Use a thick rind marmalade to add texture and some bitterness to offset the pears (something I didn't do unfortunately). My original intention was to make some candied julienne orange peel for the decoration and to use its syrup as the nappage. However, being short on time, I settled on a marmalade nappage instead.

Sadly, I didn't get a taste of it, so it could be really awful for all my soliloquising.

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