Saturday, 14 April 2012

lychee charlotte

I have been in a baking pit of woe since I made this fateful lychee charlotte. It was only after proudly presenting it to my supervisors that I sat down, took a bite from the leftovers, and recoiled: the mousse, which seemed more than sweet enough when I tasted it on its own, was far from it when eaten with the biscuit sponge; the bitty lychee bits from the puree were more substantial than I thought and gave the mousse a rather unpleasant mouthfeel; and lastly the high water content of the lychees, which I had not accounted for, diluted the creaminess of the mousse and also prevented the mousse from setting as well as it ought, giving it a strange texture (mushy and bitty).

I may avoid lychees for a while. But, should anyone else feel inclined to make a lychee mousse, make sure the puree is really fine and perhaps use double cream instead of whipping cream. However, for me there is one thing that cannot be resolved: lychees just do not go with cream.

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