Friday, 27 April 2012

mango and caramel chocolate charlotte

This charlotte is very similar to the mango and chocolate entremet a few posts back except I decided to use a chocolate sponge lining. So instead of the labour intensive method of baking a sheet of sponge, slathering ganache over it, then stacking and chopping up strips to line the tart with, I sifted cocoa powder into the flour that was then folded into the meringue and blanched yolks, and piped out the lining. It looks neater too- no smears of ganache as in the entremet. I also dropped the streusal.

Lastly, I decided to use caramel in the mousse. Normally the recipe calls for a certain volume of stock syrup. Rather than using that, I prepared a caramel using the same equivalent quantity of sugar as in the syrup after which I added the corresponding volume of water. A recurring theme with the mousses is that the flavouring is somewhat elusive, and so I made sure the caramel was very dark (though a comparison with the previous mango entremet doesn't show a discernable darkening of the mousse). I used the correct size mousse ring this time round, so the charlotte has much cleaner edges than before, though still far from perfect.

This post had taught me a what-not-to-do lesson by way of food photograph: busy backgrounds are bad. Next time I will get a tablecloth or put the cakes where I can get big block colours. I am actually quite fond of the windowsill option (especially the shot in the previous post of the frasier where you can see a double reflection of the side profile of the cake- now if only the window were cleaner), but its good to have a variety I think, and fun besides, so I won't be overusing that spot. Tablecloths and napkins are the way forward!

(note to self- don't stick toes in photos)

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