Sunday, 22 April 2012

mango and mint chocolate entremet

My second birthday cake order! Hopefully the good ladies having this will be enjoy it. This time I made sure to taste it too- creamy mango mousse is awesome!

Sadly, no pictures of its interior could be obtained, so a brief description will suffice. I used a biscuit sponge spread with a lightly mint infused ganache for the lining. Building up from the bottom is some mango mousse, a layer of almond streusel (almond goes with mango better than walnut or pecan I think), more mango mousse, a disc of biscuit sponge and a last layer of mango mousse. It is topped with a plain chocolate ganache. No mint in this layer as one of my pet hates is when the mint flavour is so strong it overpowers everything. As it is, you just get the faintest whiff of it, which doesn't 'leak' into the other components. It is finished with a film of clearmango flavoured jelly made from the syrup of tinned mangos. Those tinned mangos were to make a base layer of fruit along the sponge lining, but were a sore disappointment and had to be discarded. I didn't realise tinned mangoes would be so squishy- they literally disintegrated between the tines of the fork when I tried to pick them up.

The streusel was a last minute decision that I adopted after my trial day at a kitchen on Thursday: the 'interview'. It was quite the eye-opening experience. It has also made me appreciate LCB all the more. Mine was no mean establishment but still the contrast was clear. At LCB, we really are pampered, surrounded by ever helpful kitchen porters, brand new equipment and an abundance of Jantex rolls and D10 sanitizers. Anyway, besides memorizing the recipes for two sorbets and a gluten free bread I 'helped' prepare, I also tried various chocolates, the said gluten free bread, a salty peanut and chocolate moule, and the point of this conversation: a layered creation of passionfruit creme, finely diced mangos in a pureed mango and lime sauce, streusel and a lime sorbet sprinkled with limey sugar. It almost made me switch from mint to lime (and if I made a lime infused Valrhona Tanori ganache I'm sure it would be yum!).

Unfortunately I only had a deep 6.5cm ring, which meant I couldn't flatten out the mousse or ganache as I would have liked, hence the wobbly and unclean edges. Good news though, I finally realised how to do those mini leaf bits of the piping. It is like a dot, gone bad with a tail, that you just drag along. Yays. This little bit of practise ought to be useful for the piping assessment I will have tomorrow, and also a good chance to try making a marzipan rose prior to the practical.

Bubbling full of ideas now thanks to Thursday's fun!

I just received a bit of feedback on the cake. It seems the mango isn't strong enough to be recognizable =(. I thought it was alright when I tasted it, but perhaps that is because I knew to look for mango. I shall reduce the puree down before using it next time.

Also, some people were allergic to nuts >_<

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