Tuesday, 10 April 2012


This blog is pretty food orientated, and there seems no good reason why it should be limited to my home prepared attempts. I have decided then to blog on wonderful places that feed me well. These posts will not be critiques as much as me happily burbling about the delicious food I pied out on. Besides, I have pretty photos (getting there...) and why waste the opportunity of having others salivate on my behalf?

Henceforth, I introduce the concept of omnomnom- pronounced om.nom.nom (basically the sound of someone really tucking into his grub)- to my blog. If you see any headings starting omnomnom, you now know what to expect: the rumblings of an envious tummy! I personally think omnomnom is pretty cool: it is onomatopoeic AND it consists of 3 letters repeating in an endless sequence that additionally happens to be in the correct order as in the alphabet. Ho ho ho!!! Somehow, for me it also always brings to mind the sound of contented ogres feasting in the ogre mounds of Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness, which is probably pretty accurate imagery of actual events.

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