Friday, 27 April 2012

wetfoot fundraising cakes

I have been pretty productive yesterday and churned out a few cakes for the Wetfoot fundraising event. Wetfoot allows members of All Souls Church to wet their feet in the mission field by organising 'short-term cross-cultural' missions. This year the team will be heading to Hungary. As with many things in this world, funding is an issue and hence this little money raising event. Admittedly I do have an ulterior motive to my apparent generosity- I just want to practise making cakes (and I didn't even pay for the ingredients). It is a very agreeable thing that the cakes will go on to occasion better things than making me fat. God bless the Wetfoot peoples and I hope they raise a hefty sum.

My donations, starting at the bottom left and moving clockwise-round are a: Frasier (exam piece at LCB, thus the need for practise), mango and caramel chocolate charlotte, roasted rice and soya mousse layered sponge, and mille feuille (to practise the creme mousseline filling and also so I may have crushed puff pasty with milk for breakfast XD). The charlotte and layered sponge cakes (my particular little darling of the lot) will have their own little moments of glory in a later post.

The last square cake was made from the extra chocolate sponge, from the charlotte, and soya and rice mousse. It was not donated but kept for the personal delight (I hope) of my brother who kindly delivered my cakes to All Souls Church.

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