Tuesday, 8 May 2012

almond engadiner

As well as the orange cake, I also sent my brother off with an almond engadiner- another sturdy dish that would endure the rigors of travel well. Engadiners are always made with walnuts, even a walnut and nut mix is rare. But in this case...well...so, I don't love walnuts either. It is their bitter brown surface 'skin' that puts me off. I like the sweet white core of the walnuts but not the bitter ending I am left with from the skin. The same applies with all nuts with 'skins,' even almonds are slightly frowned at unless blanched. But, it is especially bad with walnuts, with their gnarled form and large surface area to volume ratio. Anyway, I also sloshed in a bounteous measure of my brother's special rum (unbeknownst to him), not just into the pastry but also in the filling.

I am sure many peoples are starting to notice a clear failing on my part as a cook. Bitter things simply don't sit well with me and I do stir clear of a great many foodstuffs. I lose a whole dimension in my cooking because of this. My palate is still callow and I shall work on it.

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