Friday, 25 May 2012

chocolate piping

I've been a most lazy creature all week. Summer in all its sticky glory has arrived. Already, it has begun its toil on me and the soaring temperatures have left me a forlorn thing, creeping around the house, searching for all places cool and shady. It was past ten tonight before I dared venture forth from home and finally now, with a cool breeze drifting in through the window, I am revived.

Here you see random piped designs in tempered white chocolate- not quite my original intention: I meant to trace over some pretty Rococo motifs. However, this proved impossible due to the scale of the motifs I had printed out. Rococo is wonderful though. It is possibly my favourite style and a very suitable inspiration for pipework for it uses lovely graceful shell-like curves and likes asymmetry. I have every intention of finishing an entremet idea (still under experimentation) with an awesome rococo motif. Next time then...

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