Saturday, 19 May 2012

opera (for sale)

The last of the LCB's exam pieces: the opera. Not having the right tray size became quite a bit of a bother. I had to double the recipe and bake three sheets of jocunde sponge, which I then halved, hence the abundance displayed here. I also made an extra sponge sheet for a mini opera specimen- my contribution to the our family's weekly boardgame session. Sadly I didn't do too well and, if not for my brother's momentous botch at the end of our game of Container, I would have placed last. A certain feeding of false information during the game caused significant misvaluation of our bids; it surely had a part to play in our fail. Anyway, due to the extra mini-opera, the fillings are spread a little thin.

For anybody who is interested, the opera consists of three layers of a dense-ish almond enriched sponge, a filling of coffee buttercream and of ganache, all liberally soaked in coffee flavoured imbibage and topped with a chocolate glacage. The ingredients are expensive, and you do get a lot of opera, so each cake costs £20.

This endeavor has really highlighted my irregular spreading and piping bungles. Another good lesson learnt is absolutely no touchy the chocolate glacage, remember the accent (!!), and try keep from squashing in the edges of the cake.

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