Tuesday, 8 May 2012

wedding reception mousse

Good things- I am glad to say the wedding reception has trundled off without too much of a hitch. The mise en place for the mousse pudding began on Thursday with the making of over 200 genoise and pate sucree discs, continuing through Friday to Saturday morning. Above, you see the mousse being sent up sans one tray that was accidentally left in the fridge, much to the delight of us servers later on when we discovered we did have pudding after all.

Here are some photos of the Thursday night's preparations.

There were some changes I made to the presentation of the mousse. Hidden from sight within the mousse are two pieces of genoise sandwiched together with mango and lime coulis and instead of having everything sit on the pate sucree base (it turned out that the glass diameter was slightly smaller than the 4cm of the pate sucree discs and meant they could not sit nicely in the glasses), I had the pate sucree topping the mousse, over which I piped a mousse swirl and finished with some tempered chocolate.

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