Monday, 25 June 2012

candied almonds

These aren't really candied almonds but not quite a brittle either as it doesn't use baking soda or corn syrup. There is a wonderful fellow who tells you how to bake marvellous things, candied nuts included (here), which I referred to for this but my attempts always produced very grainy clumps of sugar over the nuts as you can see. I can't seem to get the sugar to melt without burning (see below right). So in the end I made a direct caramel, at the same time roasting the nuts at 150 , before plonking the hot nuts into the caramel, giving it a good stir and tipping out onto a pan. I did the same with flaked almonds too (no pre-heating this time as they are so thin) and immediately rolled it between parchment paper and slicing while still warm (see below left). The candied almonds made by this method are also depicted in the main photo.

I much prefer the direct caramel method as it is faster and I get a thinner and more even film of sugar over the almonds (apart from the sugar pools). However, the odd thing is that with the normal candying method, the sugar covered almonds don't seem to melt. The nuts made with the direct caramel method are already distinctly sticky (made last night).

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