Thursday, 21 June 2012

chocolate and raspberry mini entremet

I am strongly opposed to wasting food and it nearly broke my gritty heart to keep on throwing away trimmings while at LCB. No no... Nowadays, I mostly subside on these 'perks' and my inexorably expanding girth is evidence of just how much extra there is. So, albeit with a little reluctance, I have been trying to find a use for these trimmings other than my and my brother's (who I have been diligently feeding with sugary treats) personal consumption.

Thus, with the extra chocolate mousse and dacquoise (from previous post), I made a mini entremet topped with a rolled tempered chocolate and roasted almond plaque (it would have been macaroon shells except a smelly squirrel slipped into the flat and bounced over all of them) for my much deserving bf who recently acquired the honorific: 'Dr.' Well done my llama and thank you Father Lord for blessing us so much.

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