Thursday, 14 June 2012

ending on a high!

This week has seen a 2.5hr exam immediately followed by 6hrs effort on the celebration cake below and the next day, a theory exam with a concluding 3hrs work to complete the cake. This is the happy result! I only wish that the chef had pointed out the uneven thickness of the piping (different piping bags between the two sessions) before I finished the cake. It did get a little messy towards the end when my brain awoke from the stupor it had sunk into, rebelled against the numbing boredom of it all, and firmly decided that I better hurry it up. It does seems that I have a penchant for poisonous flowers as the lily of the valley (made in gum paste here), like wisteria, doesn't sit well with being eaten.
I have also just received my results from the practical exam! Ho ho ho, absolutely ecstatic and thankful. I had to make a Sabrina, the cake I most hoped not to draw as I had only made it 3 times prior (compared to the whopping 6 times for the Opera and Fraisier) and because I am a slow chuggy person in general. There was definite chaffing at the bit when I realised my portion. But, it turned out all for the best and this is much needed lesson (especially in light of current funding issues) for me to really trust in God as He clearly knows what is best for me and not myself. Having now realised I am in contention to get a distinction (look- God gives over and beyond expectations!!!) I am all for praying for it. Observe my greedy grasping nature...

I didn't take a photo of my Sabrina during the exam, but the examiner did and the kind fellow angled the shot so my division of the cake doesn't look quite as off-centre as it actually was. While they couldn't give me the photo, the chef did let me take a photo of the screen. As expected, they did pick up on my improperly docked pate sucree base but the sponge that I thought was slightly undercooked turned out fine. There weren't any comments on the skewed slicing and the chocolate was tempered and marked well apparently. However, I did pipe the chocolate squiggle too tight making it all a bit crowded.

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