Tuesday, 5 June 2012

jubilee trifle

A quick little trifle for tomorrow's jubilee barbeque! There has been no fiddling with this dish- good and wholesome dishes like this ought not be played with. The bowl was lined with slices of rolled up sponge with a homemade jam, a heap of strawberries macerated in sugar and balsamic vinegar piled in, before being topped with dollops of very-vanilla custard (two whole pods were used) and finally creme chantilly.

I almost wept with the presentation of the trifle. Having finally achieved a pristine flat surface and finished the piping (trying out block letters now), I deftly plunged my thumb in leaving a momentous crater right beside the 'J'. In my attempts to conceal the damage I managed to smear away the 'J' and a larger part of its neighbouring 'u'. The shells aren't properly shaped and the pile of unhealthy looking fruits (ought to have eaten them yesterday it feels like) clumsy. All highly distressing.

The leftovers were used to make trifle-pots to feed my brother with (yes, I know the chunks of strawberry should not be visible). Look at the wonderful bowl, a token from a choice treat at Gelatario in Covent Garden!

I made a fraisier for a 'jubilee brunch' too. It is certainly neater than my earlier attempts but again issues with the chocolate piping (going for block) as I had to deal with some many times re-melted and irretrievably lumpy white chocolate.

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