Thursday, 28 June 2012

sago pudding entremet

This has to be one of the best entremets I have ever made!It was a pretty safe bet to begin with, combining sago, gula melaka, and coconut milk as done in the well known Malaysian dessert: sago pudding. However, I was surprised at just how happy it is in an entremet form. In fact, I'm almost tempted to say I prefer it like this. Having the coconut component as a light coconut mousse is an improvement I feel. I'm being sligtly effusive here, but it is hard to be as truly pleased as I am with this. It has even wrung a grunt of approval from my brother and I have penciled it in for Sunday's barbeque (the adzuki bean macaroons are under contemplation).

The entremet is lined with a good standard biscuit sponge piped out with a number 6 nozzle, it has a gula melaka jelly disc with sago set inside, a slightly salty coconut mousse and finally a gula melaka glaze. The gula melaka and sago jelly was the best way I could think of to incorporate the two in the entremet. On their own, sago is pretty tasteless and the gula melzka too sweet and I didn't want to use a gula melaka syrup in making the coconut mousse as I wanted to keep to pretty whiteness of the mousse. The jelly was the best option, and it really tasted so! The sago kept the gula melaka from being too sweet, and its chewy texture still managed to hold itself distinct over the jelly surround. Good things!

Gula melaka is often sold in a tiresomely dense cylinder. After hacking at it in futile for some time, I gave up and dropped it into a boiling vat of water where it slowly dissolved. Thus, all my measurements are for a gula melaka syrup at the hard boil stage (at this point, temperature was the only measurement I could take that could give an indication of the gula melaka to water ratio). It has been a while, but finally here is one of my own successful entremets!

GULA MELAKA AND SAGO JELLY (for 1* 16cm diameter entremet)
50g gula melaka syrup
25g water

1 leaf gelatine
sago pearls

  • Prepare the jelly mould by linning a 140mm diameter tin with clingfilm, or (as I did) the base of a ring.
  • Boil the sago until transparent, drain, and rinse with water to wash away the starch and preven sticking until cool.
  • Heat the syrup and water to around 70°C before stirring in bloomed gelatine leaf.
  • Stir in sago (quantity according to preference, I used 200g), making sure they aren't stuck together and lumpy and that there is syrup coating them all.
  • Pour into mould and leave to set before unmoulding (if a ring is used, after peeling away the clingfilm lightly heat with a blowtorch and the jelly should slide out)

NB- I actually made two entremets (no wastings this time), the first 'proper' 160mm diameter entremet is made with the quantities listed here, and the second with slightly different quantities and dimensions as it was to be built in a deeper ring with a smaller diameter. It is the small thick jelly disc that you see in the picture.

COCONUT MOUSSE (for 2*16cm diameter entremet)
200g creamed coconut
350g whipping cream

70g simple syrup (1:1)
6 leaves gelatine

  • Heat the simple syrup, salt, and water to around 70°C before stirring in bloomed gelatine leaves.
  • Whisk in the creamed coconut, allow to cool and whip up whipping cream to soft peaks.
  • When the coconut syrup feels cool to the touch, whisk into it some of the whipped cream.
  • When the coconut syrup is about 20°C, whip up the remaining cream to medium peaks and fold it in.
  • Upon the mousse reaching its setting point, use immediately.

GULA MELAKA GLACAGE (for 2*16 diameter entremet)
50g gula melaka syrup
10g glucose

50g water
2 leaves gelatine

  • Heat the syrup, glucose and water to around 70°C before stirring in bloomed gelatine leaves.
  • Allow to cool before pouring over entremet surface (too hot and it will melt the mousse, too cold and it will set while pouring).

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