Friday, 1 June 2012

summer woes

I hates summer!

It has brought with it through the window, rogue squirrels and errant snails, the former gorging on my personal stash of sunflower seeds thoughtfully leaving a heap of perfectly split husks over the newly vacuumed floor, and the latter expiring on my pillow as a pleasant morning's greeting. It has also brought the dreaded pollen that itch my eyes relentlessly. Cycling is simply horrid now. As if the unbearable heat and gummy eyes are not hurdles enough, I also have to contend with constantly clawing bits of dust out of my eyes as I wobble to my destination half blind. My eyes my eyes!!!

Fortunately things have taken a turn for the better as cooler weather is expected and with it the rain! I suppose I should also keep things in perspective too: there are greater hayfever sufferers out there; take one example, sleeping but a hallway from me, from whose person emanates a steady stream of sneezes and little trails of tissue.

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