Saturday, 30 June 2012

white chocolate and berry entremet

An eleventh hour cake request, one unnaturally early morning after, and this entremet is the outcome. Not much to say about it as I just used various recipes from LCB and threw them all together with no tampering. The entremet consists of a biscuit sponge over which I sprinked some flaked almonds to help with the sticking problem (even still you can see bits where the surface tore off as I removed the ring), white chocolate mousse and a fruit jelly insert and glaze. For presentation's sake and to practise on yet more tempering and my chocolate work (sniffle, still getting over my departure from LCB), I made a chocolate ribbon.

I had loads of extra mousse so I dolloped it into a bowl with some piped heart-shaped sponge pieces and threw on some roasted flaked almonds. Chef's perks!!!

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