Wednesday, 25 July 2012

apple and spiced streusel

I had a tiny dollop of leftover apple filling from the turnovers that was steadily approaching its three day limit. So, I made a mini 'crumble' using some streusel I lifted from Rosy Levy Beranbaum's book as compensation to my bf for not saving him turnovers. As further appeasement for my lack of self control with regards to his share, I made the crumble in my chibi Le Creuset pot- a year old gift from him that I hadn't yet used. It is so small, possibly their only product one can lift with ease besides their ceramic mugs. I love mini things! Incidentally, those mugs are the next item on my to-buy list of Le Creuset goods. As a financially stricken NEET my acquisition of anything Le Creuset is painfully slow.

The streusel was spiced up (...^^) with a sprinkle of ground ginger, mace, nutmeg and cloves (cinnamon already in the apple) at a ratio of 2:4:1:2 as I am very fond of mace and think cloves a little strong. The kitchen smelt lovely after and made me yearn for the cooler days of winter. It was stiflingly hot day today. Fortunately, I have discovered the perfect defense: a cap and sunglasses. Sunglasses are awesome! Just by viewing the world through shaded lenses makes everything feel a little cooler. It also gives me a wonderful sense of anonymity and I can sneakily peer at people's food (and, ahem, their eating habits) without appearing rude, which entertainment I find almost enough to ignore my blistering skin.

With regard to the photo= woes! This is a painful lesson on the importance of good lighting. I was only too conscious of an impatient one waiting with custard in hand and thought I could skimp.

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