Tuesday, 3 July 2012

banana and peanut butter pudding

This beastly little pudding took me an awfully long time to get right. While the banana mousse was a good and dependable LCB recipe, the filling within alternated between a water-based ganache and creme brulee before finally settling on a peanut butter filling that I attempted four times before getting it as I wished. It also has a biscuit base made by rolling out crushed digestive biscuits mixed with melted butter, cutting out the correct shape and blasting at 190C for around 7 min for extra crunch. Lastly, it is finished with some candied peanuts. The whole thing simply takes an age to make, and each portion has to be assembled individually. I made 12 for the barbecue and can honestly say I have no intention of ever doing this again, possibly a variation of this as I do like the banana and peanut butter pair, but never as mini servings again.

Banana mousse may not sound too appealing, at least it didn't to me, but having clawed through the after-demonstration scrum at LCB to get a victory mouthful of banana mousse as prepared by the chef I was more than pleasantly surprised. This one, I like. We used a pre-prepared banana puree at school. For me, my super-ripe bananas were subjected to a protracted spell in the oven to make sure any remaining starchiness goes sweet and to get rid of the sappy taste you sometimes get especially when the bananas are not fully ripe. The result is a blackened banana splitting at it seams with an incredibly sweet banana mush bubbling out and a lovely fragrant flat. This was then blitzed into a puree ready for the using. The ovening also removes a lot of moisture from the bananas and as a result, my banana puree was more a very concentrated solid banana paste than puree as at LCB.

75g plain peanut butter
25g castor sugar
175g whipping cream
2 leaves gelatine

  • Heat sugar and 25g of whipping cream until the sugar dissolves before adding in the bloomed gelatine leaves.
  • Whisk in the peanut butter, and whip up remaining cream to soft peaks
  • When the peanut butter mixture has cooled to around 20°C, whisk in a third of the whipped cream.
  • Fold in the remaining cream over an ice bath and pipe into moulds when the filling reaches its setting point.

As you can see, I used a lot a peanut butter in the filling, making it very strong tasting. This suited my purposes fine as I had a lot of banana mousse to offset it, but please bear in mind that it is to be used sparingly or it will be too overpowering.

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