Tuesday, 31 July 2012

coffee and praline eclairs

This is the first time I have attempted eclairs after my monster scare during the Basics Patisserie exam at LCB (I am positive that the epic proportions experienced then is due to the industrial ovens used at school despite what the chefs say). It is a request from my dad who has rather a partiality towards these. The filling is a coffee and praline flavored creme diplomat. At LCB, a loose creme patissiere was used but general consensus regarded it too stodgy still. Thus I have opted for this lighter derivation. The coffee and praline (almond and hazelnut) was added after knocking back the cooled creme patissiere, after which I folded in the whipped cream.

Incidentally, look at the pretty plate on which the eclair is presented, dug out from one of the numerous charity shops around town (on the day of the turnover)! I also picked up this awesome condiment tray. If ever I step away from puddings and make an acceptable steak au frites, this prop will definitely showcase.

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