Thursday, 26 July 2012

freshly churned sesame butter

I have never actually whipped cream to curdled oblivion so I thought I ought to try (I have shaken it to butter form before though- but couldn't see the progression). Besides, this way I shall have lovely organic freshly churned butter ready and waiting for breakfast with my parents, who arrived yesterday along with the rest of the hoards for the London Olympics 2012.

I took a series of photos of the cream's journey to butterdom under identical gloomy conditions so you can see the graduation in colour. However, my G12 had ideas of its own and decided to vary its white balance. Yes, once more lighting is an issue. Without daylight streaming through the windows, I am having difficulty generating enough light for none-noisy photos but if I surround the place with lamps I get super orangeness that the camera can't seem to completely offset. I really need to figure out how to use the manual white balance option.

I do also wish I had weighed the cream (double) before and the butter after to see its water content.

For the sesame flavouring, I roasted some black sesame seeds before grinding with some salt. Well really, more like mashed them up with the back of a spoon having neither pestle and mortar, suribachi, or any other kind of grinding implement. This was beaten into the fresh butter and served on toast with a steaming mug of coffee.


  1. This is epic!

    If your camera's getting confused with white balance in the same setup, it might be because of the lights in the room going off at different frequencies and temperatures... I have this problem with the halogen lamps at work!

    Easily fixable though - just add a little bit of white paper in a corner of each shot, then fix and crop in lightroom or photoshop :)

    1. Ooo never considered that- thanks very much! may try. m a little fearful of treading the photoshop path (is that cheating?) but cropping is def fine =)

    2. There's nothing wrong with a bit of processing - as long as it's nothing major like completely restructuring the image - but then that's photo manipulation :)

      Exposure and WB tweaks are fine, to make your shots look the best they can!

    3. basically anything within the restraints of Microsoft's Picture Manager is acceptable =P?

      i'm actually getting slightly worried that all the photos r looking the same though.
      i just prod the food into a tolerable arrangemet, try get the correct WB n brightness then set the camera on aperture priority and use the largest possible aperture size. Again and again.
      even then it takes a while n i get grumpy people hurrying me on.
      the thought of further fiddling boggles but im starting to think it necessary for improvement