Sunday, 22 July 2012

persimmon monsters!

This is a bad case of playing with good food, but I just could not resist and besides they were eaten after all. These lovely plump persimmons (or sharon fruit, or kaki) are part of my market forage haul, an astonishing 8 for only £1, their only defect being ripe to the point where their soft flesh can literally be sucked off the skin (crash down on minor chords) and truly a greedy monster did just that!!! Ho ho ho! Although the way things look, who is the monster now??

Actually, there is an old Korean folk tale concerning a tiger and a 'monster' dried persimmon. A tiger listens as a mother tries to persuade her crying baby to shush by describing the terrible prowess of his and other wild carnivorous species. It was to no avail and the wailing continued unabated. Then, the mother introduces a dried persimmon that the child sucks on in sweet contentment. The tiger insinuates that persimmons must be fearsome creatures indeed to induce this silence of terror, and flees.

'“Alas, alack, how can I flee?
Persimmon is more fierce than me.”'



Look at the darkness! Swiped everything off my desk, hung dark placement mats all around, turned on my lamp and voila =). I have yet to venture down the path to photoshop but it is all very tempting.

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