Tuesday, 10 July 2012

snowdonia with Imperial SPAT

Just had a wonderful weekend hiking in Snowdonia with the nicest set of peoples from the Imperial SPAT (Space and Atmospheric Physics) lot. I rather not advertise recognizable photos of individuals, which has severely limited my postable options, and this small sample, one of which is sadly overexposed, hardly does justice to the Welsh countryside we trampled through. There was quite an epic moment indeed when the serenity of a lake was broken by a hoard of smelly hikers dipping their feet into its shinning waters with chilly consequences for the traction impaired.

On a separate note, I'm pretty peeved as an order I made has been botched with the result being that I haven't received any of the chocolate colouring or moulds that I need for the Starcraft themed centre piece I was graciously commissioned to make. Not impressed! There is a lot of baking to be done this week in the lead-up to Friday's filming.

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