Tuesday, 14 August 2012

a dearth

Is has been a brief and happy era, but the demise of my baking frenzy is imminent. These past days have been shaky ones and the kitchen left forlorn and empty as I deserted it, under duress. I suppose things started going a little awry with the arrival of my parents from when my time (and the kitchen) no longer became my own. Baking became a little strained and less enjoyable with the multitude of conflicting opinions as to how exactly a particular edible ought to be.

In a few days, I shall also be winging to the muggy lands of Malaysia. While all attempts to bake shall be made, it is unlikely that I will be able to maintain my little torrent of posts averaging once every other day, especially as in the week to come my bf shall be joining me in Malaysia and I fully intend to drag him about the country rather than holeing up in the kitchen. To be fair, this posting frequency was optimistic to begin with and only possible as I was doing little else. Upon my return to the UK I shall be laying aside my whisk for journals as I begin my PhD.

So then, what are the implications for this poor blog? There is nothing for it, and I am loathe to accept this, but some neglect. Ideally, I would like to make one baking related post a week and between them a buffer of posts concerning life in general. For the month of August and September there may even be an increase in posts as I wander about Malaysia. But of foody endeavours, there will be a dearth.

I have had an absolutely wonderful time during my culinary dabble and owe this all to my mum. She has been the sole patron of all the baking provisions this past four and a half months, as well as financing my Basic Patisserie course at LCB. Despite her many reservations as to my time-consuming and mess-creating hobby, she has also been morally supportive and understanding even as less successful attempts were surreptitiously pushed to the depths of the bin. Thank you Mummy and thank you Father Lord for blessing me so much!

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