Sunday, 19 August 2012

banana creme patissiere and fruit tart

Dearie me, it has already been more than a week since my last baking post. Is declining! I am currently basking in the tropical heat of Malaysia (despite my whinging, this is all very enjoyable) bereft of a large number of my baking utensils. I really really need to find a balloon whisk- does anybody know where to source baking equipment in Malaysia? So at the moment, kitchen activity is halted. There are hopes that I may be able to sit in to watch (and learn) other people bake Malaysian goodies but that is yet to be confirmed. However, before leaving UK, I managed to stock up on future posts and this is one of them.

I rolled out these mini tarts from the left over zesty pate sucree I used in the making of my almond and greengage tart and baked them blind in a muffin pan. It has a banana creme patissiere filling made by whisking some of my frozen banana puree stock into the knocked back creme pat. This way I get a lovely banana component without having to worry about the nasty appearance of oxidised bananas. The fruits arrange over the top were what I happened to have at hand: strawberries, blueberries and white currants. Sadly, pretty as they were, I found the white currants a little too sour and ended up flicking them off the tart between mouthfuls.

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