Monday, 13 August 2012

boots for my trampings

I just had to post these- look at the beauties!!!

I can't wait for when I get back to the UK to go hiking. Originally, I planned to get some good trusty Bristish stock that is the Brasher boots for my trampings. However, the mixed reviews of the latest Brasher edition were concerning. It seems these modifications have thrown a whole host of old school Brasher users into disarray and their reviews reek of disappointment. For me, my issues lie in the rather thin 'tongue' of the Brasher Hillwalker that cut into my chubby shin whenever I leaned into it. Besides that, it was a good snug fit with no immediate problems with chaffing otherwise, and the durability compromise for comfort and weight seems a good one.

But then I saw the Scarpa Ranger II Activ and was immediately swept away by its cushy surround and even found the clumpiness endearing. Clearly durability and support is the the ultimate thing to have in boots, and no doubt these will see me through the next decade of rugged slog. In them, my feet are lovely and secure (with boots, you really want it a fairly tight fit, without the finger-width leeway normally recommended for shoes) and I'm sure will remain dry. It has wonderful Vibram soles too that are more likely to wear out the rocks I tread upon than itself. I'm all up for climbing a Munro!

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