Friday, 10 August 2012

greengage and almond tart

I mentioned a pithivier version of this in a previous post but I really wanted to showcase the fragrant roasted greengages, and thus have made a greengage and almond tart instead. I love pastries! It is so nice and simple. Roll out a pate sucree base, slather on a layer of almond cream and finally arrange wedges of greengages over it. No need for docking or blind baking the crust, just pop the whole thing into the oven and good things happen.

I added a lot of zest in the pate sucree (that of 2 lemons) but omitted it from the almond cream. This way you get a lovely tangy base, a heavy sweetness from the almond layer, and then the slight sourness (comparatively) from the greengages. It was a happy combination and approved by the family.

Greengages have also climbed their way up my favourite gage list, only topped by Victoria plums, which maintain a firm position at the top thanks to some delicious specimens I had at Borough Market last summer. Those were so sweet and juicy that beads of sugar actually crystallised where its skin split. But greengages have the excellent advantage that is the lack of astringency in their skin. It isn't so pleasant to suck up the soft sweet flesh and then to chew on the tannic tough remaining skin that dries the mouth into a pucker as when eating a typical plum.

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