Friday, 24 August 2012

kingston food festival 2012

It has been a goodly time since my last post so I thought I would put up some photos of the Kingston Food Festival that I attended during my last week in UK (woefully I missed the bigger and more awesome Battersea Park Food Festival despite already procuring the tickets for it). This does not mean I haven't been baking at home, although in this case it would be cooking as Nyonya kuihs tend to be steamed to chewy perfection. However, I am saving those up for when I return to UK and am buckling under the toils of an academic life.

Anyway, the Kingston Food Festival is an annual event lasting an entire week of Summer. This year saw restaurants flaunting promotions, a food trail (basically you plod along the 'trail' munching samples from various establishments), a cocktail competition, cooking demonstrations, tasting sessions, a massive market as well as an English beer, cider and wine festival. The weather was wonderful and I had a good time sampling the food and peering at stalls with my bf. There was an awesome fellow selling a multitude of different herbs, and a similar compatriot dealing with chilli's with the oddest names such as 'sweet wrinkled old man.' Needless to say I couldn't help myself purchasing a purple variation (called 'purple rain').

I also happened to taste the best falafels ever- the humble product of the 'Authentic Falafels' stall. Its exterior was a lovely golden brown with a crispiness unparalleled and inside it was delicate, achieving the optimal balance between overly dry crumbliness and soggy dense compression. I could also really taste the chickpeas (there have been a few disappointing occasions of flavourless falafels)! The falafels of my wrap happened also to be freshly fried, which truly incurred dreamy contentment.

The falafels were to me the crowning glory of the market, but I've also included photos of other foods. The chocolate twizzle that enticed us with its giant proportions (what you see in the background is a wooden bench it was placed upon) sadly turned out to be one of many awful factory churned specimens. Of more interest was the spiced rice and stew, handed to us by supporters of the 'African Positive Outlook' who also explained to us the vital role spice, or more specifically cloves, played in the African liberation. The Tuscan sausage with beautifully caramelised onions in ciabatta (the big photo) was a contribution from my bf who appallingly ignored other local offerings for Carluccio's.

Speaking of my bf, excitement is abrew for tonight he touches down in Malaysia, and shall be greeted by an exuberant figure waving a 21-day itinerary, meticulously planned out so the best of Malaysia may be experienced! For a while, this will soon become very much of a traveller's blog and extremely handy if you are contemplating a trip to Malaysia.

Anyway, here is a random idyllic picture of pretty Kingston, taken as we fed the swans doughy lumps of the chocolate twist.

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