Wednesday, 8 August 2012

purple gooseberries

Look at this: purple gooseberries! I never knew such a species existed. These were picked up in a market stall manned by the representatives of Brambletyre Fruit Farm. They are pretty tasty too, and I thought to take some photos of them before tossing them into the mound of fruits decorating the birthday chiffon cake. Look at their cross-section!

What I really want to do with these is to make an elderflower and (purple) gooseberry cobbler. There was a brief moment of hope when I thought I could perhaps still find a stray elderberry tree in bloom. However, it is August already after all, so this is rather doubtful and I will likely have to find another means of producing this flavouring, an elderflower cordial to drown the gooseberries in being the most probable contender. Alternatively, a small measure of St. Germain (French liqueur made with elderflower) in the pastry may work. My bf should, if the strains of writing out a thesis didn't goad him to alcohol, still have a tiny bottle of St. Germain that I gave him as a souvenir some time back.

Anyway, all gooseberry projects are on hold until I manage to secure a punnet or so more at the market.

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