Friday, 3 August 2012

rum cherry chocolate fondant

What truly gluttonous food blog would be complete without the decadence that is chocolate fondant? Here is mine, from an LCB recipe, cooked to gooey delight and with a sneaky rum soaked cherry nestled in its molten core (you may just be able to see its tell-tale lump in the photo).

I meant to use morello cherries for this. Morello cherries are a type of sour cherry- too tart to be consumed fresh, they are often dried or soaked in a syrup or liqueur. They also compliment chocolate wonderfully. But try as I may, I simply could not find any morello cherries around the vicinity. Even trusty Waitrose disappointed on this front, only offering sweet black cherries swimming in syrup, which juicy equivalent I settled for. Each cherry was quartered and left to soak in rum before dropping into half filled molds that were then topped up. As always, the key to a lovely runny centre is to refridgerate the fondant mix so the edges cook before the centre does.

A definite projection for the future includes a fondant with a 'jelly' core so that a quick spoon-chop to the centre will cause an outsplurge of liquid chocolate and a sharp fruity coulis equivalent. It is a good thing to serve fondant with a cleansing fruit contrast and this will save me the effort of having to drip coulis in a pretty pattern over the fondant while plating up. Or custard...

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