Thursday, 20 September 2012

durian profiteroles

Ho ho ho, even the durian gets to rear its smelly head in my blog.


I am limited to non-cake baking for foolishly forgetting to bring my cake rings with me back home. Despite the passable coffee and praline eclairs I made a while back, I am still slightly apprehensive with choux pastry thanks to the monster incident during my Basic Patisserie exam. So it was with bated breath that I watched these little fellows grow in a new strange oven. Happily, they puffed up nicely with their trademark cabbage wrinkles and were wonderfully spaced so they didn't impinge on their neighbour either, just.

The durian creme filling was made by dropping chunks of soft (!) durian flesh into a thick, added 20g more yolk than usual, creme patisserie after its knocking-back session on the electric mixer. This is a very plain profiterole. I could find no fondant here and I thought of dressing it up with a crown of salted spun sugar (we eat the durian with salty rice here) but it was just too humid and I got very sticky with melted sugar.

I used a lot of vanilla in the creme too. Vanilla and durian are good together. We always buy kampung durians ay home, and sometimes get a gem of a durian whose flesh is sweet and vanilla-y. Durian consumers will understand =P.

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