Saturday, 15 September 2012

Singapore trip

Having begun, I may well add a little more on the subject of Singapore.

My bf and I arrived at the literally named Budget Terminal at Changi Airport on the dawn of the 55th Merdeka Day (Malaysian Independence Day). We spent the day pottering about Harbour Front and Sentosa Island before returning to the mainland for the evening. There, we were joined by the loveliest couple for dinner at Maxwell's hawker centre, followed by a stroll around Chinatown and Clarke Quay. The next day was spent with the same pleasant company; we tramped all around Marina Bay and tandemed along the beach front at East Coast park. It was a sorry moment when, 10 min of musing's worth after our parting, it all came tumbling down upon me that it would be the last time I would see my friend before she began her life with her fiance.

Please pray for their upcoming nuptials and may God bless them with a long and blissful life together.

Below are a few other photos taken during my brief sojourn:

look at bee number 2 landing

gloomy day at Sentosa Island and the only beach lifeform I could find

Here is some of the food we had. First is a pretty standard ice kacang with an interesting green tea jelly on top. The strange white coloured discs are kuih tutu (my first encounter with them). They may be had plain, with a peanut, or with a coconut filling. It took but a moment to make them- some type of flour was pressed into a shallow kuih tutu mould and the resulting mound flipped out onto some fabric and steamed for 2 minutes before being transferred to a slip of banana leaf. Next to it are some oyster fritters (?) purchased at Maxwell's foodcourt. Despite it featuring in a newspaper cutting, this turned out to be rather disappointing and oily mouthful. Beside that is the reason for my wanting to plod to Maxwell's: fish head beehoon. Pity I didn't also get to try the reknowned Tian Tian Hainanese chicken rice. Last is a good old popiah, the mankuang filling nicely softened and laced with a wonderful chilli sauce.

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