Friday, 14 December 2012


Christmas is nearing! My chemicals have arrived and things are starting to get manic. Suddenly lab hours are on the rise. But woes upon me, I forgot to make a fruit cake let alone a Christmas pudding and it is too late now. A two week maceration in alcohol simply does not cut the mustard. All is not lost however as I have a sneaky plan awaiting to unfold come dinner time on Christmas day.

Anyway, on a separate note and in keeping with my weekly post commitment here is a croissant I made while back in Malaysia.

Pain au chocolats are my dad's favourite viennoiserie but, as I could not get hold of my box of baking chocolate, I had to settle for these plain croissants. Being sat in Malaysia, fear of melted butter dripping from my dough led me to the normally avoided margerine tub. The croissants turned out pretty well though. Rolling out the dough in 30 something degree madness was not quite as fearsome as anticipated and the use of margerine removed the need for mid-folding fridge spells. Away from UK and from the local bakery where I normally purchase my yeast blocks, I had to use instant yeast (I am always slightly wary if these will revive or not), at no great detriment. However, it did take a good 3 hours for the yeast to do their thing and grow my croissants.

My final product was lovely, light and crispy at the expense of rich butteriness. I made sure to roll the dough out thick in the shaping to get my cheery plump shape. Perhaps it is a little too rotund for conventional standards but I like all things round and shall stick by it. Yes, I am also aware of my sneaky mistruth in the shaping of the croissant- given its margerine content, it ought to have been crescent shaped for a straight croissant indicates a lofty butter-only status. But, who would know better save the limited few who ate it?

This blog will be moving to a new, more appropriately named, domain soon:
Updates soon to come!

NB- Have just realised that I have been posting images of ridiculous sizes. No more! Compression is in order.

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