Saturday, 22 December 2012

marlow circular route with Imperial SPAT

Not particularly Christmassy, but if you feel like having a family stroll in the rain over the coming holidays, this circular walk in the Chilterns is a suggestion. Conveniently located a mere hour from London by train, this light ramble takes you along the Thames to Temple Lock, past the historic Hembledon water mill to a well placed pub (lunchtime!), the Stag and Huntsman, and through Rassler and Davenport woods. The entire route can be found here.

The walk took us around 6 hrs to complete, just before yet another torrent from the sulky rainclouds that gathered above. Below are a few hurried photos I took on the trot. Weather conditions alternated between gloomy cloudiness, rain, and blinding sunniness. What a difference the lighting made to these quick snaps!

Duck looking on, at the foot of Marlow bridge. The walk begins!

In the very top photo, we are crossing one of many bridges spanning the Thames. This is the view atop one such bridge. Not long after we stumbled into a duck with her fluffy crowd of ducklings who quacked in dismay at our 'awwws' and promptly nudged her children into the water

Walking along the Thames: a tree clinging to the last of its leaves (we did this walk at the end of October); and the most awesome ice-cream boat nestled between its clinical white neighbours.
 Hembledon water mill! You can see a tiny bit of its whitewashed walls in the photo. There was a sudden turn in the weather during the mile long walk to the Stag and Huntsman from the mill hence the cow and rainbow photo. We made it to the pub just as raindrops began splattering on our heads.

The clouds are gone and sunlight is streaming upon us. Even a muddy field looks something spectacular with stagnant puddles reflecting the brilliant blue of the sky. The clear skies remained as we walked through Rassker wood.

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