Saturday, 9 February 2013

Chinese New Year Eve

It is Chinese New Year Eve!!! Times to gather the family and to sit them around a table laden with good things to feast! However, as the better part of my family are residing in Malaysia, there shall be no visiting of relatives' households to recount the year's events, no continuous nibble of New Year offerings at each home, nor collecting of angpaos (red packets) and delighting in their monetary contents. Instead, celebrations will be limited to a simple and cosy hotpot with my brother and sister. Even then, this small affair may turn out to be quite a formidable task if the queues outside the supermarkets in Chinatown persist. My brother even spotted bouncers stationed at their entrances yesterday, strictly regulating the flow of frantic shoppers. Well, we may not have fish balls for our hotpot but we shall have nian gao (steaming as I type and updates of which I will present tomorrow)!

As a child I used to get a little manic this time of the year, cutting and folding up angpaos into lanterns of all sorts, cranes and fishes to decorate the house and garden with. I don't know where to find angpaos here in London, so it was but a solitary red fishy that I made with the angpao that my mum gave me for Christmas. I know that it is the year of the snake that we are entering but little red fish are the best!

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