Friday, 27 September 2013

buta no kakuni

Summer with its heavy heat is finally tiding over and I am looking forward to the crisp days ahead. My blog has suffered abysmal neglect, initially due to my having to procure an early stage report on my (lack of) progress in my PhD, then there was the Global Fellows summer school over at MIT, followed by the arrival of a research group from KAUST. Summer for me has always been anxious and this repeated association has pounded into me a chronic dread of the onset of warmer days.

But no cloud, not even a summer one, is without its silver lining. I met some awesome peoples and had the chance to potter about the MIT labs. Here you see the rather cell like accommodation (Simmons hall) we were briefly installed into and the view thereoff, and also a quick snap of the Niagara falls. Sadly the brief exposure of my camera to the elements aboard the Lady of the Mist tasked it beyond its little circuits and rendered it needful of repair. This, I maintain, explains the lack of kitchen and blog activity. As it has since returned to me, the blogging must resume.

Before starting on what is clearly the subject of interest (the oozy hunk of meat), I have a little annoyance to wail. Not so long ago, as I was plodding around London, I rounded a corner just in time to have a cigarette end flicked out onto pavement where it glowed its crusty life out inches from my sandalled foot.

Obviously the punter reclining in the dank alcove where he was smoking couldn't see around to the oncoming pedestrians he was thoughtlessly casting burning brands at. But still, would it be so very difficult to first snub out the butt before disposing of the litter in its only appropriate destination: the bin?

I very nearly flung the offending article back at the fellow but was dragging with me a number of hefty bags at that time. Any sudden changes to my center of gravity could see me teetering. Also, in all honesty, my outer-self had not the courage and balked at such outward displays of disapproval. So I glared at him as contemptibly as I could and scurried away seething. And now you read the repercussions. But surely I'm not the only one who gets a little miffed at such wanton filthying of the streets?

500g pork belly1/2 cup mirin
2 tbsp sugar
2 tbsp soy sauce
2 stalks spring onion
25g ginger, sliced

  • Cut the pork into large 4-5 cm square chunks and arrange in an appropriately size pot so that you have a single layer of pork.
  • Add 1 cup of water and cover with a sheet of aluminum foil with a steam vent poked into it as a sort of 'drop lid.'
  • Gently simmer the pork for at least an hour (the longer you simmer it the better). Top up with water if you need.
  • In the last two hours of simmering, add the mirin, spring onions and ginger. Turn the pork pieces every now and then. The sauce should reduce to a lovely sticky brown.
  • In the last hour of simmering, add the soy sauce. Again, turn the pieces every now and then and top up with water as needed.

This blog will be moving to a new, more appropriately named, domain soon:
Updates soon to come!

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