Friday, 1 November 2013

lemon and thyme madeleines

Kitchen time has dwindled to a null. I'm really not sure what I've been so busy waffling away my time with. Procrastination has become a habit it seems.

But I haven't been completely idle. Today and tomorrow would see me undertaking my greatest canape provision to date and I have been spending many a thoughtful hour poring over the budget and the recipes. Also Comic Con (London) was held last weekend.

Activities involving such abundance of people tend to be trying experiences for me, and this was no exception. I am a little particular when it comes to personal space. While ideally, I like keeping unknown persons a waving armlength away, this definitely wasn't the case at Comic Con where we were jostled and herded together like good beef.

Furthermore, it is not just physical proximity that is an issue. Another vastly important consideration is the distressing reality of 'bodily profusions.' Basically, the point at which the separation between myself and another being is within the detectable radius of that being's bodily whiffs, is the point beyond toleration. I am sure most people share these sentiments. Normally, this is when we all start edging away from the sphere of smell. However at Comic Con, not only was I well and truly deep within that choking bubble, I was actually being mashed against the source itself. Icks.

But, the bounty justified the traumas. My main sources of joy are: a beautiful artbook (Niea_7) at a bargain price, and also two Japanese Cell-ga: original animation sketches complete with annotations and colour codes.

Another cause for happiness, but on a completely different note, is that this very day I embark my eighth year in the lovely company of my boyfriend. I thank the Lord for each and every precious moment past and to come.

I would like this say I made these madeleines for my special boy, but no. Yesterday was not wasted on solitary pursuits, even if for the other, but was spent together, idling about the British Museum, sipping a delightful tea and nibbling (gorging would be the more appropriate verb) all manner of edibles. Rather, I made these a while back. The madeliene recipe we learnt at LCB uses the melted butter method. So, I infused the melted butter with a few sprigs of thyme, and low and behold, produced my lemon and thyme madeleines. Don't be too enthusiastic with the thyme- it can be overpowering and a sprig or two would more than suffice.


  1. These are stunning! I've always shied away from buying single-use kitchen items but I might have to buy a Madeleine baking pan because this recipe looks so good!!

    1. Hallo

      Thanks! I actually have a new camera now (omg- graduated to a DSLR) so once I get used to it...

      Ya, I spent a long time considering whether to purchase the madeleine pans or not too. But madeleines are just so nice and simple to make, and also incredibly handy. Just keep a piping bag full of the batter in the fridge. When you feel a bout of the nibbles coming on, pipe out 3 or 4 madeleines, twist the bag shut again and return it to the fridge. The madeleine batter should be chilled before baking in order to get the characteristic little peak so this arrangement is good for the madeleines too. Also, while butter coating the madeleine pans are a nice albeit time consuming touch, often I laze out on that step to no great detriment. So there you have it: madeleines at your beck and call. And that's why I bought the pans.