about me

Knowing a fellow's background is useful when figuring just how much you trust their prattlings, and reading the 'about me' section is something I always do when perusing others' blogs. It is pretty bad and something we all do unconciously but it allows me to categorize the peoples, get the context right, and respond accordingly. Anyway, so here is mine. I certainly hope it works in my favour...

I am a Christian! I am also a happy punter from Malaysia. After a pleasant childhood racing about as a nut-brown creature, and leaving blatant evidence of my barefeet inclinations about the house, I was tenderly bungled off to boarding school in the UK (a decision I am forever grateful for). There, I promptly forgot my scanty grasp on Cantonese, Hokkien, Malay and all thing Chinese or Malaysian, but duly received a 'good education.' I have since graduated from Imperial College with a Masters in Material Science and Engineering.

Food has always been a fixation for me. As a young and flaky child, it was with some effort that I persuaded my family to allow me to express my culinary potential. Sadly the odd concoctions that I proudly produced screamed ineptitude and were prodded with justifiable caution. Nevertheless, my love of baking endured. It was largely suppressed at school, but did flare out in the form of apple turnovers that I sold at college. Finally, having acquired my degree, I have taken a year out to indulge (literally) in this hobby and to complete the Basic and Intermediate Patisserie course at Le Cordon Bleu. I have also done several day stints at restaurants.

At the present moment, I am an official NEET (though I maintain this is all part of my gap year plan) and spend my hours playing in the kitchen and reading manga. However, start the next academic year and I will be the second 'E'- education, hopefully doing a PhD at Cambridge (needs funding still- sob sob) or Imperial.